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«Maria Ra» is a Russian chain of retail stores which develops private labels. In 2020 34 private labels were presented on the shelves of the chain.

«Svetofor» is a chain of shops offering items at the lowest prices in the regions of its operation. The company works directly with manufacturers. The chain counts 2200 shops in Russia and CIS and is developing in Germany, Romania and China.

«Magnit» - a Russian chain of retail stores for everyday shopping. The company opened its
20 000th convenience store in 2020. The chain has got 37 distribution centres all over Russia.

«Lenta» is a Russian supermarket chain offering a wide range of items at fair prices. Makes part of X5 Retail Group. The chain counts 56 shops according to the 2020 report.

«Pyatyorochka» is a Russian chain of convenience stores. Makes part of X5 Retail Group. The chain includes nearly 17 000 shops all over Russia according to the report of the end of the year 2020.

«Perekryostok» - a Russian supermarket chain. It makes part of X5 Retail Group. The main focus is freshness, high quality and unicity of assortment. According to the 2020 report the company includes 933 supermarkets.

«Rosinter Restaurants Holding» is a leading operator in the segment of family restaurants in Russia and CIS. Manages the following restaurant chains: «IL Patio» , «Shikari», «Planeta Sushi», «Amerikansky bar y gril», «Mama Russia»